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Full body classic massage is an effective method of health enhancement and revitalization due to an intensive treatment of the entire body. Its techniques are aimed at muscle relaxation, normalization of blood circulation and pain elimination. Types of treatment determine kinds of this massage: you can choose from therapeutic, relaxing or restorative kinds of massage.

Features and benefits

Full body massage is a complex procedure and involves all parts of the body, i.e., back, head, legs, arms, face, and abdomen. Due to warming and deep penetration into the tissues, this massage improves condition of all groups of muscles, spine and circulatory system, recovers mobility of joints, normalizes functions of internal organs, activates metabolism and increases immunity. It strengthens the nervous system: improves mental activity, removes emotional excitement, and ensures normal sleep.

Indications for use

Regular classic full body massage is recommended to everybody. Being an excellent preventive and therapeutic means, it effectively and quickly restores after illness and injury and returns to normal life. It is especially useful at increased physical and mental loads, sedentary lifestyle. Intensive course is used for weight loss, stretch marks and sagging skin elimination.

Price :

90 minutes –– 1000 UAH
120 minutes –– 1300 UAH


Comments :

# Date Author Comment
06.08.2019 17:20
I keep my body in good shape thanks to a classic massage! I use the services regularly - 2 times a week! For me, this is the prevention of stress and relaxation, plus strengthens the body!
05.08.2019 18:23
I like to do classic massage. after moving to Kiev for a long time I could not find a masseur who does a classic massage at home. Then I found your site on the Internet and became your client! massage at home is very convenient and saves time!
08.03.2019 15:31
If you are looking for best therapist in Kyiv it is Kyrill. I can say it absolutely objectively! After years in Thailand I found the BEST massage here back home in Ukraine. Reasonably priced top service! Accept deep knowledge of anatomy, he knows various techniques, feels the optimal pressure and temp suitable for you and might sound weird “balance the energy”. So happy to find this website last summer. Since then I am and my sister- permanent customers!
23.02.2018 17:07
Fluent moves - not too fast and not too slow, applying the correct strenght/pressure needed according to the individual muscles. He really focused on my needs and what my body told him. I can surely recommend him as a massage therapist. It was a relaxing and wholesome experience!
02.12.2017 15:01
I ordered 2 hour massage. It was really amazing. Will order again for sure

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